The funny thing about being a non-drinker is how unbelievably boring you find events where everyone else is drinking. Case in point: New Year’s Eve. Drinkers party, get sloppy, overshare their emotions, drunk dial or email, and regret it the next day. Non-drinkers play board games and go to bed early.

I treat New Year’s like a weekend night, which, conveniently it is! That means my squash partner Barb took her regular licence to try and kill me (seriously dudes… we broke a ball this morning). I’m going to have a nap, then will head to my BFFs house to hang out with them and their kids and H’s about to pop out her first kid sister and her partner. We’ll rile up the kids a bit, eat Chinese food, and play some board games when the kids are asleep. If I’m super lucky, the baby will let me hold him without screaming his face off. I’m not holding my breath on that one, though. For sure I’ll be home before 11pm.

Yeah, it might be lame, but I’m okay with it. There will be laughter and trash talk and I’m totally going to lose whatever board game we’re going to play because I always lose and we’ll eat and and did I mention the trash talk and laughter? I’m not going to spend $100 for dinner and I’m not going to get someone else’s vomit on my shoes (including baby vomit, cause I don’t do that). I won’t be hungover, my head won’t hurt, and I won’t wonder who that guy is that I made out with last night. On the whole, I’m thinking that my way is pretty awesome!

Happy New Year to you all! Enjoy your evening, and may you all have a fantastic year to come!