This is another post that my brother probably should not read (he was a bit traumatized at my massage therapist anecdote).

I have notoriously tight hamstrings. I don’t know why. I honestly don’t know why. I do know that every physical therapist who’s tried to stretch them has said ‘wow’. More than one has asked me if I have back pain (did you know tight hamstrings can cause back pain?). Long and short of it is, they’re tight.

So I was totally pleased when the massage therapist said they were feeling pretty good! I was all bouncing around (okay, not bouncing – I had some kind of virus last week and a crazy week at work and toughed it out) and stretching my quads and hip flexors like the massage therapist said to do. When I went to see Kelly at BMI on Tuesday morning (at an ungodly hour), she even showed me a new quad stretch. Side note: I tried to do it today and faceplanted (sadly, literally) onto the carpet at the gym. Yeah. I work out there five times a week. If only I could have nonchalantly Tebow’d while I was down there, it would have looked like I did it on purpose.

Anyway, I was perhaps a little cavalier. I played squash Tuesday night and Barb worked me over but good. And yet, because I was really really giving it, I won. That was my first victory this year, which kind of sucks but at the same time felt AWESOME. I love winning. I’m very okay with losing, but really, who doesn’t LOVE to win?

You know what? I didn’t stretch afterwards. I was so excited that my pulled lat muscle didn’t hurt and I was so hungry that I bolted home so I could eat a very filling dinner of… soup (and peanut butter cookies, which was a bad bad thing to make on monday night and which have subsequently been thrown out). And I didn’t stretch before bed, other than a 15 second toe touch.

No problem, right? You don’t stretch once, no worries. You’ll make it up. Except yesterday I had to do this weird scooting movement for something and got the worst hamstring cramp. Oh my word. And last night I didn’t stretch again. AGAIN! Every time I got up from my chair, I got a reminder about my lack of attention.

And then I went to the gym. Ow. I did the hill program on the treadmill (shorter time, higher intensity than the 60 minutes of boring, per Kelly’s suggestion). Then I did the bodyweight “weight” program that I have.

I would like to point out that when you plank, you support a good half of your body weight with your hamstrings and calves. Same with the side plank. And bridges? The pain, people. The pain!! Even the pushups were painful! And then we got to a special series of pain: wall sits and lunges.

While I know I’m beating them up so that my Camino doesn’t hurt so much, they’re sure letting me know how grumpy they are tonight. I know when I get up to go to bed, I’m going to make that whimpering sound that my dad makes. Oh, the shame.