About two months ago, my Mum told me that she and my dad got one of those online group buying coupon deals to Chateau Montebello, a giant log cabin resort property about 80 minutes from here. Aha! I said to myself. I went there once. I had a really super relaxing time. I’ve been saying every since (two years) that I want to go back. So I bought the coupon.

I never looked at the restrictions of the coupon before I bought it (a fatal flaw of mine). It was only good for Sunday through Thursday. And did I mention that I’m going to Spain for six weeks? I don’t have a whole lot of vacation days available. But sometimes, you just need a break. And I had a coupon!

I took today off work, got up yesterday morning and booted down the highway to the largest log cabin structure in the world (I feel like that needs sound effects). I had booked a spa appointment for a relaxing thingamajig, the hotel had a room available for early check in, the stars were aligned. I’m telling you, it all worked out. There was some spa time, some lunch, some napping, some floating in the pool, some hot tubbing, some chillaxing, some walking and checking out the canada geese breeding grounds (seriously – it was like Cape Cross Seal Colony but less smelly and, you know, icier), some dinner, some planning of my next epic travel adventure, and a great night’s sleep.

By the time I came home this morning, I had no neck or shoulder pain. My head didn’t hurt. My mind was clear. I was singing in the car. I had a vague idea that I wanted to eat some vegetables. (I seriously can’t tell you what a rarity that is – I’m not the world’s biggest fan of veggies.) I felt ready to face the world.

Sometimes you need to leave your life, even if it’s for just 24 hours, to feel like you can get some space, some perspective, and some breathing room. Yeah, I used a very valuable vacation day to spend the day by myself. But I needed it. It was totally worth it.

Also, cooked five chicken breasts, a pork tenderloin, grilled four peppers, a zucchini, a bag of mini potatoes, bought the fixins for salad, and have all my snacks and stuff made. I’m almost finished my laundry. My work week can begin.