Remember when you were a kid and every once in a while you’d get something fun in the mail? Now I only get fun stuff in the mail when I order it myself. However, I have a list of de-stressers and one of them is order small pieces of fun fabrics. A couple of weeks ago, I saw something on a quilting website and popped over to etsy to check it out. When I got home yesterday, it was in my mailbox!!

Fat Quarter So Happy Kids by Puti de Pome for Kiyohara Fabrics

I love it so much, it almost hurts me. It’s called So Happy Kids by Puti de Pome for Kiyohara Fabrics. And yes, Mum, I am fully aware I’m the cranky kid second from the left in the second row. I want to cut each one of them out and make a quilt block around them with solid colours and turn them into a pillow. I saw a technique for making a block look a bit like a polaroid picture (shake it, shake it!) that I might try, too.

I love it. I bought this and two other japanese fabric fat quarters. They’re more linen-like in their feel (slightly coarse and nubby as opposed to smooth), and they tend to have slightly more cartoonish or mod prints. I don’t normally go for that, but these three made me swoony. I think I spent $20 and will get about 20 hours of fun out of them in the making of stuff, and countless more in the looking.

All in all, an excellent bang for my buck.