You know, when you’re going to wear the same three sets of clothes for six weeks, you’re sort of particular about what you’re going to pack. When you know you’re likely to lose weight on your trip, the fit of your clothing at the beginning of the trip becomes a fairly precise issue.

Tshirts are one thing – a too big tshirt is no big deal. But pants? Pants that don’t fit right are bad in so very many ways – they constrict your breathing, they look bad, they have too much fabric, they chafe, the pant legs are suddenly too long… you see the litany of issues? Me too.

I’m being bold on this trip. I committed to bringing one pair of shorts. Yes kids, a pair of shorts. Why? Because I like hiking in shorts, and I happen to have a pair of shorts that I’ve hiked in at this weight and 15 pounds lighter, so I know they’re good to go. It was the pants that I have been obsessing about.

I’ve been tracking the weather along my route for the past several weeks. Thus far, it’s been remarkably similar to here in Ottawa – plus or minus a couple of degrees either way, except for that weirdly hot week we had. But, I’m going to be hiking in May, which here in Ottawa has a tendency to swing way hot, or way cold. Apparently, the same is true in Northern Spain. To be honest, I’m a little worried I won’t have enough clothing with me and just bought a jacket. I’ve decided to throw a toque and a pair of mini gloves in my bag for early mornings, because being outside for 8 hours a day, exposed to the elements, can get a little chillier than you think, especially when you stop sweating.

So, we’re back to the pants. I feel like Cinderella (edited: Doh! Goldilocks. That’s what you get for watching Ever After on the weekend)  here. I have one pair that are a bit too big, one pair that are a bit too tight, and one pair that are exactly the right size.

ImageThese are my just right pair. My BFF (hey Hol!) thinks that black pants will be too hot. I counter that with the fact that they roll up to capris and I’ll have a pair of shorts and a pair of zipoffs with me.

ImageThese are my slightly too big pants. According to the size chart, they’re the right size. According to me wearing them, there is too much fabric. After dilly dallying for a month, I sucked it up and ordered a smaller size today and will hope they get here in time. These pants are zip offs, and the shorts are exactly knee length. It’s going to be funny, because my other shorts are grey and exactly knee length. Good times.

ImageYou know what slays me about these pants? They look good. They’re just a tiny bit too tight in the waist. Oh, they do up, but you get a bit of bloat on and it isn’t going to feel good. These are also zipoffs, but the shorts are quite a bit shorter.

I’m torn. Right now, I’m leaning towards taking the black pants (the just rights) and the grey pants, hopefully in a smaller size. Or, I could try really hard to overcome my insane hunger caused by stepping up my workouts and try to lose the 5 pounds that would make the khaki pants fit better at the waist. Or should I follow Holly’s advice and take the two lighter coloured pants?

Whaddya think?