Man, oh man. I’m leaving in a little over a week! A week! And I’m here to tell you, my sleep cycle has decided to remind me of that in a harsh, cold, bitchy way.

I have periodic insomnia, the type where you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. This week, it has been in full effect, and it’s all been wrapped around the issue of what I need to do before I leave. Yesterday, after my sixth consecutive night of not sleeping well, I wrote down a list of what I’ve done, and what’s left to do.

The list of what was left to do was really small, people. Really small.

  1. Buy two Toobs for toiletries and transfer the shampoo/conditioner into them. 
  2. Make sure all the tickets and vouchers for flights, hotels, and the train are printed.
  3. Pack. 
  4. Get Euros.

I’m pretty much a travel beast. I’m super organized about this crap. I’ve cancelled the paper and the mail, set up bill prepayments, got my licence plate sticker renewed, and yeah… I’m domestically prepared. On the packing side, my new grey pants arrived from REI (and they fit perfectly), and all my clothes for the trip are in the wash, getting ready for me to insecticide them tomorrow. I’m going to pack everything tonight, just to see what it all looks like in the ziplocs (cheap compression bags).

I’ve been fairly obsessively watching the weather in the major towns/cities I’m going to and tracking comments on the bulletin boards. Last week, there was still snow on part of the trail, which was in large part a focus of my insomnia. Snow. Have you hiked when it’s cold? It’s really really hard to keep your body temperature regulated – as soon as you stop moving, all the sweat cools you off in a way that’s really freaking uncomfortable, and then it’s hard to get your temperature back up to normal without a shower. Even if there is no snow, currently in Pamplona the high is 13C and the low is about 2C. Oh, and it’s pretty much rained non-stop for three weeks.

So, I had a long hard chat with myself about cold weather hiking and my clothing options and what this means for my packing list. And yeah. Yesterday I decided to suck it up and buy myself an ultralight waterproof breathable jacket. I love my regular jacket, but it is HEAVY. And I kinda don’t want to carry a heavy jacket all over Spain. Luckily, North Face makes one that’s reasonably priced (and blue!). And yeah. I bought a hat that looks really good with it, too. So, now, when it’s 2C, I can wear a tshirt, a long sleeved shirt, a yoga jacket, and a shell. I think I’m going to put a pair of mini gloves and a toque in my backpack as well, cause being cold sucks. That way, I’m rocking layers that can be peeled off or put back on. Phew.

In last night’s wrestle to get to sleep, I had a moment of brilliance that stuns even me. I am a bit worried that my backpack won’t make it to Spain (my sister in law is my travel agent; she’s famous for losing her bags while traveling, thus making me fear that I’m going to lose my bag because she booked my flight – totally irrational, but what are you going to do?).

Never fear, fatigue-inspired awesomeness is here! I’m going to put everything that can be carried on into a smaller backpack and check my big backpack, my hiking poles, and the toiletries. It’s not hard (just expensive) to replace a backpack, hiking poles and toiletries – clothes that are comfortable and fit, well, that’s priceless. Since I’m going to be checking back into the same hotel in Barcelona at the end of my trip, I’ll store the extra backpack there for a month. This also allows me to have a bag for bopping around in Barcelona.

Let’s just face it. That was inspired. In. Spired. And now I feel like a million bucks. I fell right to sleep after that inspiration and slept right through the night. Yeehaw!