In government communications, your timing is often dictated by someone political. It’s often so off the wall that you write your plan without real dates, and call things “announcement plus one day” or “event minus two weeks”. I am currently “departure minus one day”.

I’m in the grips of an emotion I don’t normally feel when I travel. I’m actually a bit nervous. I should caveat that: I’m not normally a nervous traveller – in fact, I’m chill because I’m so damned organized. Except little things keep coming up, things I thought I was ready for but apparently was not.

First, there was the revelation about snow on the trail. And, when I was packing, I noticed that my travel pillow is, well, stinky. Then, yesterday I determined that my only pair of non-prescription sunglasses weren’t going to cut it on this trip.  I got sweaty and they fogged up. Not good. So today I took advantage of the lovely sunshine and bopped down to my local ‘hood where there are not one, not two, but four outdoor stores within one kilometre.

So, I did determine that I should be fine in 9C weather with the clothing I have. And I wore a hat, which is good because it made my head sweaty (I hate hiking in a hat). I tried on about 30 pairs of sunglasses before I found a pair that don’t touch my forehead. I won’t post a picture, since I’ll be wearing them in every picture of me in Spain!

Anyway, my sojourn was about 90 minutes of walking, or about 1/4 of what I’ll be doing every day in Spain. I got sweaty, then I stopped moving, then I got chilly, then I warmed up again. I definitely bought the right jacket. I also moved all my carry-on-able stuff to my smaller backpack, and kept my sunblock, hiking poles and sleeping bag in the pack I’m going to check. I put the safety pins on my small pack zippers (props to my best friend, who reminded me that backpacks are heaven to thieves, and suggested using twist ties to deter them – i’m using safety pins instead). I moved all my toiletries and assorted meds into the right bags. Basically, I’m as ready as I’m going to get.

My best friend is picking me up at 4:30 tomorrow to take me to the airport. My full intention is to get up, eat, sleep, get up, eat, run two errands, shower, and then get dressed in my travelling gear. I may watch a movie. And because I’m me, you know I’ll be looking up “things to do in Spain in case you don’t finish your Camino”. Just in case. Cause I really really really like to be prepared. Holly is voting for an apartment rental in Barcelona. I’m leaning towards a side trip to Italy. Because if you’re going to flame out, which I hope I don’t, you might as well do something fun. Right? Right.

D minus 1 day. Good times.