So, Mum called me on Monday to talk me through my nerves. She pointed out that once I got on the plane, I’m committed to doing the Camino. Which of course made the wait at the airport excruciatingly long. But whatever. My first flight sucked: a one year old who screamed for four hours and a seat mate who would not stop moving (also, she sat on my headphones and broke them). I got about 30 mins of broken sleep. I did, however, sleep for an hour in the frankfurt airport, which was awesome, and for an hour on the flight to Barcelona.

I was so tired when I got here, I didn’t even celebrate the arrival of my backpack. Probably because I picked theslowest customs line. I couldn’t handle wrestling with the bus to downtown and splurged on a cab – best decision ever. The hotel is funny – cheap, with super tiny rooms and windows that open into ventilation shafts – like an old school NYC tenement. 

I did a walk along most of La Rambla (one block from the hotel). Apparently it’s a hotbed of pickpocketing. It’s making me totally paranoid. Anyway, I ate dinner, unpacked, reorganized my stuff, and did my laundry. And then I slept for 12 hours. And I’m not gonna lie, I had a 3 hour nap after breakfast. My body apparently wanted Monday and Tuesday’s sleep, and would no be denied 

Took a 2 hour bus tour and am now off to explore the gothic district. I forgot my map, so I came back to the hotel for it and a snack. Oh, and to cool off. It’s 24C and sunny here today. With the green leaves and blue sky, this is definitely one of the prettiest cities I’ve seen. 

Off to Pamplona tomorrow. It’s a 3 hr train ride, followed by an afternoon of exploring, one last night in a hotel, and then, the Camino. Good times!

More later, I’m sure!