You know what’s hilarious? Pimp My Ride in Spanish. Xzibit’s voice over dude has 1/1000th if his attitude. 

But, I digress. I’m in Pamplona, home of the running of the bulls, and an easy on-ramp to the Camino. I chose this town because there’s a train to here from Barcelona, and because it’s the day after the Pyrenees. Cause if you can avoid mountains, why not?

This is a university town of about 200,000 people. The old city is shaped a lot like Quebec city, complete with a star shaped citadel. At the other end of the old city are the cathedral (dating to the 1380s), and the bull ring. Guess which one I went to see? The cathedral is cold and lovely, with a beautiful cloister. The medieval kitchen and dining hall are open to visitors. I totally didn’t need to go to The Cloisters in NYC! The stuff they had here is older and in better shape! I didn’t know I was coming here in October, though.

Anyway, I did a walk about, had lunch, and realized why my mother could never do this trip. The Spanish are not big friends of vegetables. I fell on my salad like a person starved. I realized that was my first veg all week. I’m really good about buying fruit when I’m on the road, but not so much the veg. 

All the eating and visiting made me sleepy, and everything in Pamplona closeS between 2 and 5pm, so I came back to the room to do some laundry and nap. Tonight, I bought a sandwich and fruit and ate in a lovely square. I’m having a good time so far. I’ve also found the path and will be attempting a 24.5km day tomorrow. I should end up in Puerto de la reina tomorrow around 4pm. Wish me luck!