You know those scenes in dance movies where they show you the dancers feet? Yeah. So, the great news is that all of my major blisters have now drained and transformed into super nasty callouses. Yay, me! (It may not be pretty, but it sure is good news.)

The bad news is that when I put on my new shoes this morning to go down to breakfast, I could feel my left blistered toe touching the shoe. I couldn´t yesterday when I tried them on, which is specifically why I bought that pair. After breakfast, I decided to soak off the covering to see what was going on. This turned out to be a good and bad move at the same time.

First, the good makers of Compeed (the blister solution used here in Spain) really know how to make that shit adhere to your skin. The taking off was not my idea of a good time. Second, I finally got a good, clean look at the mess that it is and decided I needed to see a doctor.

I´m gonna get a bit graphic here. Picture your second toe. Mine is tiny. And I lost the toenail after an incident at Coachella last year, so it´s even tinier than my normal tiny toenail. Now, picture a blister that starts at the base of the toenail and sort of grows around it to the side. Combine that with a blister on the top of the toe. Now you have a decent picture of what it looks like.

Except, that toenail isn´t really attached all that well. This morning, i could see that it has separated at the base of the nail. Only the blister on one side and the sheer orneriness of my toe on the other are keeping this thing on. And I know from my experiences at Fitness Ridge that taking that toenail off will hurt like a bitch but immediately bring relief.

Except I can´t bring myself to do it. I am super good with other people´s ouchies, but I seriously don´t think I could ever pull out a toenail. Not even my own.

So, I had a series of highly hilarious conversations using my guidebook (which, no joke, has a language section about how to talk to the doctor about your feet) that got me to a hospital, through admissions, and in to see a doc and a nurse practitioner. Although there was some fast and furious conversation between the latter (only the nurse spoke english), they decided not to take off the toenail. Instead, the nurse disinfected the living crap out of it, wrapped it up in gauze, gave it a sock, and told me to only wear flip flops til it heals.

It´s a good thing I brought flip flops with me to Spain, isn´t it?  

Oh, and the other thing: limited walking until it heals. The concept here is that the blister (though they gave it a different name in Spanish) will dry out and then will release the nail. Theoretically, that should happen within a week.

So, I´m an excellent planner. I came back to the hotel (PS – one hour, and I think they hustled me through because no one could understand me), got my room for one extra day, had a dispirited nap, and then went to the cathedral to think and pray a bit.

I know you´re not sposed to be selfish when you pray, but I prayed for a healthy foot. And then it was siesta time, so I got kicked out of the cathedral. But still. I think I got the message across. And since it was a really really old church (like, 14th century), I have a feeling that maybe it was received by the man upstairs.

So I´m in the internet room of my hotel and I´ve just booked a hotel for the next city. According to my guidebook, it´s 5 stages away. I´m going to take a bus there on Thursday, when hopefully I can get my foot into my shoe. Then I´m going to hang out there til Monday. Burgos is a medieval city and they have decent hotel rooms at decent rates. I booked a room in a hotel overlooking the cathedral. I understand that there´s lots of stuff to do in Burgos, including museums and the like, so I´m kind of excited. I wanted to have a rest day there, and instead, I´m going to have four. And then I´ll start walking again, through the flattest section of the Camino, which sounds about right to my downhill damaged toe.

I saw a couple other people who started at the same time as I did here in Logrono today. They´ve all got damaged feet or knees and are hanging out for a day. I get that. Your body says stop, and you need to listen. You need to make a choice between long term damage and short term recovery. I´m choosing short term recovery, because I already have one messed up bionic foot and frankly don´t want another.

Logrono is very pretty, with lots of squares and benches. Also, good napping. I´m just putting that out there, because I like to nap. A lot. I think I´ll go out to dinner tonight, even though I understand nothing on the menus here. It´s entertaining to me. I wish they had pictures.  The other night, i had an hilarious experience where there were three things on the menus, and I had no idea what they were. The waiter mimed a bull, a pig, and a fish. I chose the bull, and it was beef stew with french fries. Salty and delicious.

Good times! Good food! Good feet!