And I’m totally not talking about the lemon poppyseed kind. 

I have now changed the dressing on my toe three times and I have not hurled even once. I was super pleasantly surprised this morning  to note that my toe had not leaked at all overnight. I can’t tell you how huge that is – it’s been leaking since Thursday.  Tonight, still no leaking, and it looks more like a regular toe again. Also, I finally googled the information on my clinic follow up sheet (it had a few words that my online translator wasn’t picking up. Basically, I had a super nasty looking ingrown toenail which is coming off. Infection control is where we’re at, which is why I need to change the dressing twice a day, I guess, after exposing the toe to running water. 

The good news is that I took my new, sneaker like hiking shoes for about 3km of walking around Logrono. With the dressing on, I have no problem. I’m frankly unwilling to try it without. 

So, tomorrow I will leave my beloved Keen Targhees here in Logrono and head to the city of Burgos to revel in some medieval stuff. It’s a two hour bus ride or a six day walk. The bus only costs €8. Nice. I’m looking forward to Burgos a lot. Here’s to old stuff!