I met all of my goals this week. I did a strength workout, a yoga workout, I played squash, I dragon boated, I slept regularly, I tracked all my food, and I tracked my expenses. Oh yeah, and I did a bunch of creative stuff.

On the mental health front, I tried to confront someone who made me mad (denied by a lack of response). I interacted with a bunch of people. I hung out with my family. And I made plans. My friend Steph is coming up for the long weekend, which causes lots of planning potential. And I surprisingly have a lot of vacation time available, courtesy of my having taken a lot of unpaid leave at the start of my Spain vacation, so I’m going to make my way to at least one other place this year, maybe two.

So, because I met all of my goals this week, I put $5 per goal aside in a special account. That’s $30 towards an iPad, and believe me, I’m looking forward to getting it for myself for Christmas.