I am dragging ass. In fact, I’ve been dragging ass for 2.5 weeks. This has to be the longest, most irritating virus I’ve ever had. It’s irritating because you’re always dealing with a low level of guck and discomfort. This leads to being tired. This leads to not wanting to do anything. Which leads to more unhealthy behaviour. It’s just plain exhausting.

I was actually excited when I woke up on Friday congested. Yes! I thought. There could be an end to this crap! I slept for 14 hours three days in a row and I have a sneaking suspicion that if I hadn’t had the root canal from hell today, I may actually have gone to the gym. Yes, the gym. Remember the gym? I remember the gym. It’s sort of a vague memory. 

I’m hoping that I have finally turned the corner on this sucker. Due to the miracle of my root canal and resulting painkillers, I’m going to bed at 8pm. Tomorrow when I get up, it’s a whole new day. It’s going to be hot, humid, and uncomfortable. I’m going to wear a cute dress and smile at people. I’m not gonna let anyone get me down, even the promise by my dentist of lingering pain for the next week (good lord).

This may be the virus that will not die, but I will not let it defeat me.