It is so darned easy to get off track with the food. It’s hot. I don’t wanna cook. It’s hotter. I think I’m gonna die. All I want to do is eat ice cream. You know what I’m saying? Then you get a couple of crap work weeks. I had a day so bad last week that I went to freaking Wendy’s for lunch. At least I had a small burger, but still. Wendy’s. (Totally wanted to get a frosty to go, but refrained.)

The good news is that I have actually exercised restraint. I think back to four years ago, and that just wouldn’t have happened. Yeah, I might eat too much food, but at least I’m not binge eating. If I could only convince myself that it’s worth it to eat the healthy food I bring to work when I’m stressed instead of going and getting comfort food, I’d be healthier and save a ton of money.

So, I renewed my membership at BMI because I know there’s a way to crack this. I’ve got an appointment with the nutritionist this week and it’s going to be the start of me peppering him with questions about how to crack sugar cravings, how to detox from diet coke without thinking I’m going to die, and the benefits of whole foods vs paleo vs convenience and what the sort of optimal mix is for me.

And because I am hot and stinky and tired and cranky, I’m really happy that I had lunches for this week in the freezer (PS – I made every dinner last week. The lunches? Not so much.). And to supplement those lunches, I have a veritable panoply of whole foods available, including washed and prepped:

  • Celery, radishes, and snow peas
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Kale
  • Beets (okay, these are currently roasting and I’ve never tried beets as an adult, but I have a sneaking suspicion they’d be a good salad, with the kale and the leftover feta that I have)
  • cheese curds
  • blueberries and cherries
  • mini cucumbers (These are a bit like crack to me. When it’s hot, I eat cucumbers.)
  • Four servings of this blueberry, kale and quinoa salad
  • hummus and light spinach dip
  • Light cheddar smokies and turkey pepperettes

I don’t actually need to use the lunches in the freezer. I have enough food to have wonderful, healthy lunches full of protein and flavour without the need to cook anything. (It’s hot in my office and the last thing I really want is to have to eat something hot.)

What I do not have in my house:

  • Ice cream
  • Popcorn
  • Cookies

The closest thing to crap food I have in my house is Larabars, and frankly, they’re not really all that crappy. They’re actually a whole food.

I’m going to try to go the whole week without going to the grocery store. It is the grocery store that compels me to buy crap and when it’s in the house, I eat it. Easy access to crap at work does not help either.

So, here’s to a week of eating the food I sweated my guts out preparing today. Here’s to a week of healthy foods, minimal processing, and general awesomeness. Also, hopefully, some rain. Cause we really really need the rain.