Dr Freedhoff will be so proud. About 8 months ago, we were talking about eggs, which i think are the cheapest, most portable form of protein out there. I like eggs a lot. My favourite breakfast is a toasted english muffin with a fried egg and a slice of fake light cheese on each side.

And yet, I only make it at most once a week. Why? Because I’m intensely lazy and my frying pan doesn’t go in the dishwasher. I use it, put it in the sink with water to soften up the cheese, and forget about it til I do my food prep again on the weekend. I told Dr F about that and he laughed at me. He gave me a really good solution and I sort of scoffed a bit.

Eight months later, I finally followed through.

I now own five frying pans and five egg flippers.

I’m cool like that.