Lordy, I am so hot!

in my shoes. Seriously. I’m an incredibly foot sweaty person. Actually, I’m just a sweaty person, period. So when the Running Room told me that the shoes could be used on a treadmill and returned within 30 days “in re-sellable condition”, I said “what does that look like to you?”. Apparently, it means that the interior logos on the footbed are still crisp and new looking. Dudes. That’s one sweaty day for me and that wussy logo is gone. I looked askance and the cashier said 20-30 minutes on the treadmill.
I had some pretty bad foot cramps this evening, so I rolled everything out, wept a bit, and shlepped to the gym for a slow walk on the treadmill. Everything was good – effortless even. Of course it should have been, as I was a) walking; and b) walking really slow and at a low incline. But still. I walked for 20 minutes, then ran for 2, then fast walked for two, then slow walked for one. No more foot cramps, the running felt easier than normal, and my heels don’t hurt yet. I’ll consider these to be keepers, even if they don’t have jet packs in them.
Thank you, Brooks.