So, I’ve been sitting in a classroom for three weeks, refreshing myself on my second language. The school has the worst chairs ever – sort of like the conference room chairs in my old building, which we bought to encourage short meetings. Bad lumbar support in the wrong spot, you know?

Anyway, last weekend I did my usual activities: Friday run, Saturday squash, and Sunday I had my first spin class with BMI. My knees hurt a bit when I played squash, and apparently by the time I hit up spin class I was walking funny and not moving my neck much.

Cue Monday morning, when it hurt to sit down. Yeah. Not my idea of a good time. However, one of the other students gave me some drugs, and I took some more throughout the week and played the world’s slowest game of squash on Tuesday where I made my poor partner pick up every ball. And it was okay.

Until yesterday, when I played squash. I stretched afterwards, people, which is a small miracle, but that did not help me. I went from the gym to the grocery store where I got my food for the week, for the first time in ages forgetting not one damned thing on the list. I looked at the heating pads but said “no, the back’s going to be okay after a shower”.

You know what? the back was NOT okay after the shower. In fact, by the time I got home I had a hard time getting out of the car. I came out belly first, like you would if you were 14 months pregnant. I had a shower and lay down for a while, having already taken some tylenol muscle ache meds.

By the time I got out of bed, I was one giant seized muscle in the core area. Sitting down on the toilet was agony. The mere thought of getting dressed was too much to bear. Luckily! I have the greatest family ever. Dad came over with his heating pad and ice pack and some robaxacet and some advil to supplement with. Not known for having the best back himself, he valiantly took off his boots to bring everything up a flight of stairs to where I was standing (because sitting? agony). He’s a lovely man, even if he mocked me while dispensing his advice.

I spent the afternoon cooking (standing – a good thing) and watching House of Cards. Thank you, Netflix, for reminding me why I never want to work with politicians again. (Excellent show though – do watch it.)

I got up this morning and iced the living bejesus out of my back. I got dressed (the torment involved in putting on the socks. Good lord.) and went to the drug store to get more drugs and cried a little while sitting in the car. There are a lot of potholes in Ottawa, and each one was determined to make me weep just a little.

Came back, iced my back again, had a nap and… I feel a bit better. I’m sitting down right now. I’m not crying. I’m not icing my back. I’m just sitting.

I’m going to ice it one more time, then I’m going to the office tomorrow armed with ice packs and drugs. I’ll be back in a perfectly ergonomic chair, waiting on my french test results. Hopefully, between the rest, the ice, the drugs and a massage I have booked for Tuesday, I’ll be able to at least swim on Thursday.

It sucks when your body lets you down. It sucks even worse when it’s probably caused by a physical activity that you love as much as I love playing squash. This’ll be my third significant squash injury, and I’m going to say it’s because I’ve been tense while playing, which has caused me to not be loose enough to absorb the shock of sudden stops on the court, and slams into the walls. Also, I’m sure that my partner is going to hit me at least four times a game, and that tenses me up a lot.

I don’t want to give up squash, but it definitely does not love me that much. Where can I find a low impact sport that gives me that kind of stress relief?