It’s been three weeks since I broke my ass playing squash. One week since I retired from the game. Five days since I wondered if I’d ever sit without it hurting. In particular, if I would ever lean forward again without it hurting.

You know what you kind of have to be able to do in a triathlon? Lean forward. On a bike. Some would think it sort of essential to, you know, the act of cycling. I signed up for the new gym on Monday, thinking I’d go Tuesday before work, but then we had a big snow storm overnight (my god, will winter EVER END?) and yeah, I never made it there. And I didn’t go Wednesday or Thursday cause I’ve been on course 20km in the opposite direction and in class from 8 to 5pm doing the most draining leadership development stuff.

But a really strange thing happened while I was on course. We were sitting in office chairs, but in a circle. Not at tables or desks. Totally awkward if you wanted to write anything down, or put down a diet coke (or coffee cup, if you’re so inclined), but definitely an interesting approach. Side note: Boy, was I happy I didn’t wear a skirt that first day. I’m so not good at keeping my knees together.

Weird thing about this seating arrangement. If I’m not given the opportunity to lean forward, I lean back. Which removed all pressure on my back for three work days, and which seems to have virtually eliminated my pain.

So tonight, I went to the new gym and spent 15 minutes dicking around with a spin bike, failing utterly to get my fricking shoes clipped into the pedals and 25 minutes actually cycling. I wanted to do the spin class on the onboard media system, but there was a problem with the bike. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

My back doesn’t hurt, but I’m going to stretch and anti-inflammatory it before going to bed. And I’ll try again on Sunday. I’ll add in the swimming next week, and try running again the week after. Cause that’s how i roll.

I’m frustrated that I’ve lost so much fitness base in such a short time, but I’ll get it back. Slowly, and without injury, with any luck. Injuries suck. Getting better is where it’s at.